Educational cooperation with Laufásborg

After a six month study trip to Iceland, Pirette Golo and Gentille Brukum returned to Gliji in april 2013 and implemented groups and other fundamental aspects of the Hjalli method that they learned in Laufásborg Kindergarten. To support them, the staff at Gliji have a weekly skype conversation with the staff at Laufásborg.

The operation of the kindergarten changed quickly, with obvious and good results. To begin with there were three groups, but now there are five.

To further improve the kindergarten work, more of its staff is scheduled to visit Laufásborg for study; no less than two a year. Similarly, more of Laufásborg’s staff is scheduled to visit Gliji to get better acquainted with the work there.

Once the operation of the kindergarten has settled into a steady routine, there are plans to introduce the Hjalli Method into the first few classes of elementary school, as has been done in Iceland.

Matthildur and Jensína Hermannsdóttir, head-mistresses at Laufásborg, are supervising the introduction of the Hjalli method in Gliji.