First aid and family service

The need for a permanent home for children in Gliji is temporary. A few years of dedicated effort will suffice to build up support for poor families, single parents and disabled parents, so that they can keep their children at home with their families. At the same time, efforts should be made to ensure that children without families are provided with new ones by adoption, either local or abroad. The goal of Sól í Tógó is to establish a nursery at the home in Gliji that receives children, yet also works with their families to enable them to keep the children or take them back within a few months or years, as well as finding new families for those who have none.

A new nursery will offer the children protection, sustenance and health care. The nursery will be the base of pediatric and maternal health care for the surrounding area. Alongside the nursery, a program to enable poor families to sustain and keep their children will be developed. The Gliji project will provide many of the tools to do this; kindergarten, day-care, extracurricular programs, employment opportunities, education for adults and a social support network. Adoption will be sought for the children who have no one. The goal is that as few children as possible move to the home in Gliji, but that those who do will have the best possible home.