New Buildings

The first residential house rises

The construction of the first phase of residential houses for the children and their steward-mothers began in june 2013. The houses were designed pro bono by Pálmi Guðmundsson, architect. The first phase consists of six units, each designed to house eight children and their steward-mother; or 48 children total. The building is a sort of row of houses on two floors; each unit independant yet connected to the others by a communal terrace and balcony.

The estimated cost of the building is 85 million CFA or just about 20 million ISK. The house was built with a grant from the Icelandic International Development Agency (13 million ISK) and with the proceedings of a charitable art auction (7 million ISK). Construction is on schedule, as regards both time and budget. Delivery of the house is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2014.

It is important to begin the next phase of construction as soon as possible. When that is finished, all of the children will belong to a sibling-group; a group of eight children of various ages who share an apartment with their steward-mother.