Empowerment through chess

Omar Salama organized chess tutoring for the children in Gliji at the end of 2012. The children receive tutoring once a week, partake in chess tournaments and have visited other schools to compete.

The main goal of the chess studies is to empower the children socially and give them a chance to develop their skills. The chess program has received a lot of attention in Togo. The president of FIDE (World Chess Federation) visited the home in Gliji during a short tour of Togo in the summer of 2013.

Nicole, one of the girls at the home, will compete at the Youth chess olympiad in Norway in 2014.

The experience gained from running and planning the chess tutoring at Gliji will be the basis for further extracurricular and athletic studies at the home. The goal is to provide the children at the home with a varied and interesting social life, but also to open these activities up to other local children.