The Backstory

Support for humanitarian work in Togo

Sól í Tógó (Sun in Togo) is an organization that has backed the humanitarian work of sister Victorine in the towns of Aného and Gliji, Togo. Victo started caring for orphaned or disadvantaged young children, making a home for them in an old house next to a catholic school. Doing so she saved their lives, even though she could only provide them with the most basic of necessities.

When Alda Lóa Leifsdóttir and Gunnar Smári Egilsson were in Togo adopting their daughter in 2007, Victo told them about her dream to build a home for her children. Alda and Smári helped her a little, and promised to tell people about her work and her dream once they returned to Iceland.

The people who responded are the members of Sól í Tógó. Their contributions have dramatically transformed the living conditions of the children. A piece of land in Gliji was fenced off, cultivated and tended to, houses were built, goals were clarified and the entire project structured.

In the spring of 2014 Sól í Tógó decided to expand its efforts, aiding the home and society in Gliji with both increased and more varied support. Alongside the running of the children’s home, the plan is to establish a kindergarten, a school, a nursery, a health care center and various social programs, as well as social aid for families in Gliji and the education and empowerment of individuals; especially women.