A path for those who want to help
Sól í Tógó operates in independent groups, each of which sets its own goals to work towards. The groups are as follows:

Roots in Togo is responsible for fundraising to cover the costs of running the home, as well as the construction of new buildings. In addition they handle communication with the Sponsoring Parents and Friends of the Home.

Trunk in Togo is responsible for the coordination of Sól í Tógó and shared finances, communication with officials and aid foundations, oversees the building fund as well as the planing of the construction and related issues.

Branches in Togo organizes and supports the running of the home, as well as health care and other things that pertain to the basic needs of the children. The group is tasked with establishing a nursery and helping children and their families to reunite, or find them new families.

Leaves in Togo builds up and bolsters the kindergarten in Gliji, working with local schools to improve the children’s education, improve the education of teachers via an exchange program to Iceland, as well as furthering the education and empowerment of other staff.

Seeds in Togo is responsible for all manner of extracurricular activity, be it social-, athletic or recreational programs, both within the children’s home and generally in Gliji and Aného. The group is tasked with the empowerment of the children and the bolstering of their immediate society.

Sprouts in Togo builds up and runs local businesses intended to earn money for the Gliji operation in the long haul. This will strengthen Gliji society and its women in particular.

Wind in Togo handles publicity for Sól í Tógó; promotes the organization to those who might want to support it with either funds or work, and keeps a positive discussion going about Sól í Tógó’s efforts, Togo, Africa and humanitarian aid, so that people find it easier to participate.

Board members
Matthildur Hermannsdóttir
Omar Salama
Robert Marshall
Alda Lóa Leifsdóttir
tel. + 354 6597515/ + 364 821 7515