February: Ash-bag gathering on Ash-day (Icelandic Holiday) at Iða Café. 400.000 ISK are raised.

March: There are now a 100 children at the home.

April: Sól í Tógó receives a grant from the Icelandic International Development Agency to build a residential house for 48 children.

May: The first exchange students (teachers) at Laufásborg kindergarten return back to Gliji and reorganize the kindergarten.
Chess tutoring begins at the home in april. Noël and Line are hired. Children from ages 9-18 receive chess instruction on sunday, as well as attending competitions and going swimming.

June: Construction on the new home begins.

July: A benefactor gives the home a car to facilitate trips out of the home.

September: Noël arrives to Iceland for two months of exchange studies at Laufásborg.

November: 33 visual artists donate works for a charity auction to support the construction of the new home. The result is 6.5 million ISK raised. At the same time the organization receives a 1 million ISK gift to finish the work. Thus the construction is fully funded.

December: The yearly christmas market and buffet at Laufásborg raises 500.000 isk for Sól í Tógó.